Monday, December 17, 2012

A Peek at Fort Donelson National Battlefield

How can one of the most pivotal moments of the Civil War be overlooked?  Apparently the answer is hide it in Dover, Tennessee!

On February 11th, 1862, the battle to control the rivers of Tennessee commenced.  By February 16th, the rivers lay under Union command and America had a new superstar: Ulysses S. "Unconditional Surrender" Grant.  Most people don't realize that he earned the nickname that followed him the rest of his days during those cold winter days in Tennessee.  Now, this well preserved ground rests in Dover and is waiting for the curious to come along and stare over the battlements like those young men over 150 years ago.  This piece is set to music that those men would have been listening to during the days of the battle.

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