Kourtney Risher
A radio nerd and an avid student of broadcasting, especially in the creative aspects, and sports news.

Anaeli Rodas
From the people to the camera, from the cameras to the media, and from media to the world. An idealist Communication student in Ozarks, who seeks for the truth that lays behind every story.

Corey Snyder
Junior, RTV major, who has taken a winding path to get where he is now. Always working on new projects, and with a life experience that brings a unique perspective to his work.

Andrea Avalos
PE and communications major with a minor in RTV. Live easy, live simple, talk straight. I always get myself in trouble.

Corey Pintado
An aspiring backpack journalist who loves life and has a passion for objective, thoughtful, informational news and media.   

Alejandro Córdoba
An all-terrain RTV and Strategic Communications major. He likes to portray and enjoy life as it is in any situation.

Ryan West
Adventurous and with the best comments ever. A hard worker RTV major; he is always on to something media related to bring it to the world.

Clint Morrow
A simple guy who likes to have fun whenever he can. Radio and Television is where he belongs.